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10.2147/NDT.S?2016 Grambal et al. This work is published and licensed by Dove Medical Press Limited. The full terms of this license are available at and incorporate the Creative Commons Attribution ?Non Commercial (unported, v3.0) License ( By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. Non-commercial uses of
Ptic surgery. numerous disinfectants While Koch started the research on disinfectant potency and dose esponse, he inspired the and all within the framework of a broad range of concentrations. Their efforts revealed a logarithmic actions of many others. One particular group led by Kronig and Paul [4] provided an assessment of relationship between the numbers of bacteria surviving the chemical disi
Diabetes education center (DEC) in Toronto, Canada. Five focus groups and nine individual interviews were conducted to explore men and women's diabetes self-management experiences. Results: The average age of participants was 57 years and just over half (51.4 ) were female. Analyses revealed five themes: disclosure and identity as a person living with diabetes; self-monitoring of blood glucose (S
S shows that the animals sing their ultrasonic courtship "song" to females with a different pitch in the presence of other males from different strains. For instance, one mouse will match the pitch of his larger male cage mate in the presence of a female. In addition, deafening showed that the mice require auditory feedback to develop and maintain some of the acoustic properties of their song syl
Omen were provided with study information and gave consent to using the computer tablet, which then randomly assigned them to the home visitor or computer tablet method. All materials were available in English and Spanish. The computer tablet remained in the possession of the home visitor and was never left in women's homes.The aim of this study was to explore perinatal home visitors�� and women�
S about caregiving; for example, parents almost everywhere speak to their infants even though they know that babies cannot understand language. However, human beings also acquire knowledge of what it means to parent, and generational, social, and media images of caregiving, children, and family life play significant roles in helping people formulate their caregiving cognitions and guide their car
E purchase), we estimate that about one fifthof residents are Boomers. Residents who were interviewed included military, government workers, teachers, and business owners, many of whom were retired. Income and education among residents are high, reflecting national trends (MetLife, 2011). Interviewees' ages varied widely, with some spouses in their 40s to a handful of centenarians; 31 were nonHis
Aga48 evaluated the optimal pH (8.2) of the enzyme produced by Z. rouxii yeast. Lima et al.24 found that pH of 9.0 was the best for collagenolytic enzyme produced by P. aurantiogriseum. Only the enzyme produced by R. solani presented an acid optimum pH, 5.0.55 As pH, optimum enzyme activity temperature also varied greatly (from 35 to 70 C). Only one of the works have produced a in natura collage
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